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3 Times Cosmetic Bonding Is the Answer for You

When your teeth don't look quite right, it can impact everything from your self-confidence to your success when giving an important presentation. Although many people assume that cosmetic dental repairs are always pricy and time-intensive, cosmetic bonding offers a painless, low-cost, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional restorations.
Here are three times cosmetic bonding is the answer for your dental woes.  

1. Fractures and Chips

Sudden impact, nighttime teeth grinding, and even a single misplaced bite can lead to dental fractures or embarrassing tooth chips. In addition to making your smile look unkempt and damaged, chips can also allow air to escape while you speak, creating lisps.
To make matters even worse, the teeth are more susceptible to additional problems when the crown has been damaged. When teeth are chipped, it can create microscopic cracks that put the entire crown at risk for fractures, which could pave the way for tooth loss. Damaged areas are also more likely to be impacted by decay, since food particles and bacteria can become lodged in new, rough areas.
By using cosmetic dental bonding, dentists can resolve issues with cracks quickly and efficiently. Composite resins are made from a mixture of ground ceramics, plastics, and UV-curable glass material. After the chipped or fractured area is cleaned, dentists can pipe composites into place and shape it with dental tools. After a quick cure with a handheld UV light, the tooth can be shaped and polished normally.
In addition to correcting fractures, composites can also be used to seal cracks in the tooth that don't extend past the gum line. This allows people to protect their teeth from deep infections, preventing the need for endodontic treatment.

2. Highly Visible Cavities

You might have heard of white fillings, but did you know that those state-of-the-art fillings are actually composed of composite resin? Capable of bonding to both dental enamel and dentin, composite resins are a strong, stable way to restore the teeth.
Unlike their trusted cousins, amalgam fillings, composite fillings aren't visible with the naked eye, since dentists carefully match material with the shade of your teeth. Since composites are available in a wide number of shades, dentists can select a formulation that melds perfectly with your teeth, keeping your smile looking healthy.
In fact, composite fillings are preferred by many dentists, since they help to preserve more of the natural tooth. Traditional amalgam fillings were held in place by undercuts made to the surrounding dental enamel. To create these undercuts, a small amount of healthy tooth had to be drilled away. Since composites bond so effectively to the natural teeth, dentists don't have to make these additional cuts, protecting the structural integrity of your tooth.

3. Gaps Between the Teeth

A single gap between your teeth can make you feel like a child, but orthodontic care is a challenge of its own. Because braces, retainers, and even modern clear aligners can take months to close gaps, many patients decide to simply live with tooth gaps. But composite resins can resolve the issue in minutes.
After placing a thin shield between the teeth to create an artificial meeting place between the teeth, dentists can apply composite resins to each side of the gap to fill the void. Dentists can also use special abrasive dental flosses to create a perfect looking joint between the teeth. Additionally, because composite resins can last as long as 10 years, you can have a little more time to decide whether or not orthodontic care is right for you.    
Although it can be stressful to live with dental problems, getting issues fixed is as easy as meeting with your dentist. Here at University Dental PA, we focus on providing each patient with a completely personalized, friendly dental care experience. Stop by and talk with our team today to set up your next visit.
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